Makeup foundation is a cosmetic applied to smoothen the face before the general makeup application. It comes in different tones and different shades, for instance, the dark shade and bright shade. Although you can do makeup without foundation, however, the proper application gives you the perfect makeup to suit your complexion.

Before choosing the best foundation for your skin tone, consider the color, and the nature of your skin. To achieve a perfect skin tone, select a foundation with the same color as your skin tone.

Makeup foundation

If you are finding it difficult to apply makeup foundation to look natural, we’ll get it solved. Ready your skin add a primer and concealer or color-corrector too.

How To Apply Foundation

First, before applying foundation wash and dry your face. The application of foundation is just the first step in makeup process. Foundation is applied with the use of a makeup brush or a beauty blender although, there are there makeup tools that can be used.

Foundation comes in different case and forms, some come in the bottle, others in tube form, and in cans also. Before applying the foundation, is also advisable to use the face primer or oil control because the nature of some skin are too oily, and might begin to crack off early before time so to avoid such makeup mistakes, the face primer and the oil control must be added before the foundation to make it blend well and last longer.

To apply the it, carefully apply the substance on your face and then blend it using the makeup brush. Apply it to every corner of your face avoiding contact with your lips. Also, avoid contact with eyebrows and front hairlines so as not to affect the whole make up arrangements.