A gift card is a payment option which gives the recipient of the card the ability to purchase goods and services from a specific merchant. Gift cards are also referred to as gift certificates in some parts of the world. The card is purchased and money is added to the account.

Gift cards are typically issued by a retailer, bank, or other business entity. Gift cards are redeemable towards purchases of goods and services at any of its participating businesses. The card is available as an electronic credit card or a plastic gift card, and can be purchased at a set value for a specific denomination, or a variable value which is determined by the purchaser.

While you can use a gift card to pay for almost everything in today’s world, it may surprise you to know that gift cards aren’t always used to pay for products. Gift cards are used for a wide variety of purposes. Gift cards have come to be used in a variety of ways, some of which you may not have considered. Site building in progress..article to be continued