Gift cards are one of the best gifts you can give someone. The act of giving someone a gift card feels great and it can be the best present to show care. Gift cards can be bought in local stores, online, and even sent through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, you can easily check your apple gift card balance yourself. So, if you are planning on giving a digital gift, choose the best gift card as a gift.

If you purchase an Apple gift card or received it as a gift, you have to know how to use it. Here we explained how to redeem and check Apple gift card balance without calling for support. You can learn more from placing a reservation to buying music through the iTunes Store. However, for the sake of newbies let’s start from scratch.

What is apple gift card?

Most people don’t know what Apple gift card is, let alone know how to use it. So you can imagine the problem if you are trying to buy something off the App Store and you are unable to purchase it with Gift Card. Rest assured, the solution is simple. The Apple Gift Card can be used for almost anything on the App Store. You can use it to buy applications, music, movies, TV shows, books, magazines, and even games.

When it comes to buying an Apple gift card, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to where you can buy your card. You can buy your card on the official Apple website or you can buy them from a variety of other places, such as PayPal, eBay and the Apple Store.

Although if you order a gift card, you should make sure that your recipient knows where to find it, and how to redeem it. Apple provides a simple how-to guide at However, we’ll discuss in detail how to buy, check the balance of Apple gift card, and redeeming processes.

How To Redeem Apple Gift Card

If you have a physical or digital gift card from an online store, you might want to redeem it to shop online. For example an apple, iTunes, Steam, or Amazon gift card. There are several ways to redeem an apple gift card from an online store. First of all, you can simply enter the purchase amount in the iTunes Store and use it for purchases. Apple also offers iTunes credit, which can be redeemed for products at the iTunes Store. In addition, you can also redeem swap your gift card for money or other cards. How to recover lost Amazon gift card easily

How To Check Apple Gift Card Balance

When you get an Apple Store gift card, you can use it to buy stuff directly from Apple. You can use it to buy anything on Apple’s online store, or in a third-party’s store. There are even some options to buy from the Apple store and to your friend as a gift. If you need to know how to check your Apple gift card balance, it’s really easy.

The best way to check your apple gift card balance is to visit the Apple website to check the balance. To do so, open the browser on your iPhone or iPad and log into the website There, simply click on the “Check Card Balance” link on the right-hand side of the page and enter the gift card number.

However, if you have a gift card that you do not wish to redeem or use for purchases, you can swap it for money or other gift cards with an exchanger near you or online.


There are several types of gift cards and lots of different ways to use them. It’s best to use a gift card to buy an Apple product. You have the option of purchasing an Apple iTunes gift card directly from with a credit card, or by sending a check or money order. Alternatively, you can purchase it from an Apple retail store. It is just like the gift cards we all carry in our wallets and use for the purchase of goods and services, although it has a specific code on it. Some people ask if there’s a difference between Apple gift card and an iTunes gift card. The answer is no, however, both cards are issued separately.

Apple already has a lot of ways to get people to buy its devices, and gift card remains one of its best strategies. In the past, the company has offered gift cards to retailers. But now it also has the option to give them directly to customers. Apple store gift cards can be used to purchase Apple’s products. Also, they can be used to purchase items from different merchants, unlike iTunes cards which can only be used on Apple platforms. Whether you buy them from Apple or an independent merchant, gift cards are among the cheapest ways to get an Apple product.