Xbox gift card codes are perfect for giving your friends and family the freedom to pick what they want without you having to second-guess your choices. Even if you want to give a specific game or accessory as a gift, you can do that with it, which will allow your loved ones to purchase exactly what they want. Plus, you can send it electronically, which is a relief for the forgetful family member.

Moreover, If you want to send a gift to someone who plays the Xbox One or Xbox 360. Or you’d like to pay for a new game or gadget from an online retailer, there’s no need to buy a cash card and spend hours on the phone to get it activated. Just use an Xbox gift card.

Redeem Xbox gift card

what is an Xbox gift card? It’s a prepaid gift card you can use to buy games, movies, and more from the Xbox Game Store. You can also use it to buy other content like apps, music, and TV shows from the Xbox Store. 12 Best Gift Card Gift Ideas For Every Season

Where can I buy Xbox gift card

So, you’re looking to buy $20 Xbox gift card for a friend or family member, you may be wondering where you can get the best deal. Many gamers are at a crossroads when it comes to Xbox Live Marketplace purchases. Xbox Live Marketplace has been giving users a wide variety of gift cards and codes for a long time now and gamers can buy many things from the Microsoft site. Here are the benefits.

  1. Supports
  2. No expiration date
  3. Can be used on multiple devices
  4. Can be used for free in certain regions
  5. It can be used in a game store
  6. Can be used to purchase content
  7. It card be used as a gift to gamers
  8. Can be used in a contest
  9. It can be used to buy a game
  10. Can be used to purchase a movie.

How to redeem Xbox gift card

A lot of people have trouble redeeming Xbox gift cards. It’s not too hard to see why: the website is awful. Navigating through the steps to redeem Xbox card isn’t difficult, but it is slow and clunky.

You can redeem your Xbox gift card in a variety of ways, including sending physical gift cards in the mail, or using Xbox digital gift cards in the Xbox Store, the Windows Store, or the Windows Phone Store. How To Use Visa Gift Card on Amazon, vanilla & balance check

How to check Xbox gift card balance

Check xbox balance

If you’ve received an Xbox card for a birthday present or another reason, then you’re probably wondering how to check your Xbox gift card balance. Thankfully, there are several ways to find out, and our top recommendation is to check your balance online via the Microsoft website.

To check the balance of your Xbox gift card, log in to your Microsoft account to see your balance. If you have Xbox gift card, Xbox Live, or Xbox Live Gold directly from Microsoft for your Xbox 360 or Xbox One, you can check the balance by contacting Xbox customer service.

To contact Xbox customer service check the back of your card and call the support number provided. Provide required information including security code and pin number and you will receive the balance on your Xbox card.

However, every gift card has an expiration date of just five months. But, you can get one for six months, or a whole year, when you use the Xbox Live credit card. You can see the expiry date at the back of your gift card.

How to get free Xbox gift cards

The path to earning free Xbox gift cards isn’t always an easy one, especially if you aren’t a frequent gamer. Moreover, when you do take the time to play, you may find yourself giving up early because of low-level achievements that don’t mean much for your gaming skills.

To earn a free Xbox gift card, set up an account and you will receive an email to claim a gift card. After you claim your gift card you are sent a link to post a review of the service.

How to load more funds

It’s no secret that buying a gift card can be a bit of a hassle. You have to find a card, go to the store, buy it, wait for it to arrive in the mail, and then, finally, use the card. The good news is that Xbox Live cards can be loaded. If you’re like me, you might want to load some more money onto the card you have already.

May be you recently got a new Xbox One S or Xbox One X and you’re wondering how to load more funds onto your Xbox gift card, don’t worry, there’s an app for that. If you’ve got a PIN, you can simply scan the QR code on the gift card. Otherwise, just navigate to the Xbox store, enter your code there, and choose “credit card” as the payment method.