Maybe you want to paint your living room blue gray color and considering the price of paints, you decided to mix for some blue-gray paint colors. Moreover, some paints are not readily available in the market, you would have to take extra steps to get. In such circumstances, you might be left with no choice but to mix up to get your desired paint color.

Gray paint is a mixture of white and black paint. However, it is a neutral color formed with a combination of two colors. Although it’s a neutral color yet, you may detect the color used to make any grey paint. Moreover, the excessive missing of these primary colors in an attempt to make a grey paint would give a black color.

On the other hand, the color blue is a primary color that can only be made from an original source, and not from mixing other colors. However, a mixture of both gray and blue paint will make some blue-grey paint colors.

Blue gray paint

Benefit of making a paint yourself

Any professional painter should have a basic knowledge of how to make paint or at least how to mix paints to form a neutral color. Most times, we’ll imagine a color to paint either a living room or exterior of a house but the color does not exist. The good news is, the addition of a specific color to an already existing color would shift the hue. Moreover, with already available paint, it’s simple to tune it to your desired color with no additional paint.

Making your desired color would enable you to know how the best a color can be. This is will assist to understand fully the behavior of different paints when missed. Most homeowners and professional Painters make some simple mistakes as they are not well equipped with the knowledge of how the paints react. How To Give your Cabinet A New Look With Blue Grey Paint

For instance, a painter painting the interior of a house with two colors, red and green. Maybe green color for the living room and Red for walkway, and mistakenly mix up the red and green pigment when painting. Initially, there would be no or slight sign of a new color in the affected spot, however, it will turn yellow on drying.

How to make a paint

How to make a varietiess of blue grey paint colors

Every paint colors vary in hue, so do blue-grey paint are in different colors. It all depends on how it was made and the colors used in the process (for neutral colors example, gray). Either more addition or lesser of a specific color would produce a different variety of paint. Below is how to make different varieties of gray blue paint.

With the mixture of pure blue with a little amount of black and a drop of white paint, you will make a relatively pure blue gray paint colors. However, you can alter the value of the gray with the addition of white color to make a light blue gray paint. Also, to make a lavender blue gray paint, add a drop of purple color. Also, you’ll get a light gray paint that doesn’t look blue.

You can also change the hue further to make a blue-hued neutral gray. To make a blue colored neutral gray paint, mix a purely blue color with orange color or brown color. The result will give a medium-toned, slightly muddy-hued blue-gray used for shading.

Mixing pure blue paint and either grey or white and black color is an easy way to produce a blue-gray paint color. Finally, you may need to go through a guide before triggering the process of producing paint yourself. Use the comment box to share your views. Thanks for reading.