Cropping out a circle on the wall takes only a few steps. Although newbies may find it extremely difficult, but with a sense of creativity it’s simpler. Likewise, a perfect circle art can easily be painted on a wall using the necessary tools. A line of blue circles adds cool color to a red wall. Kids cherish colorful homes, circle arts could be a perfect spot to hang toys. You can go ahead and cover your walls with trending designs as you can easily paint over any undesirable circle art or shape you made.

Circle arts

Circle arts on a wall can be of different sizes starting from dots, small circle, and bigger size circle. Every painted circle is done using a shape of equal size. So, to paint a perfect circle, follow below guide to make the best pattern.

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How to crop a circle in painting

  • Provide an object with a circle shape of your choice. You can also make the desired shape using still if necessary.
  • Mark out the desired shape. You can mark out as many as you want using the same object. If you want to paint different circle sizes, get objects with different patterns.
  • Paint the around the spot you want to crop the circle and allow it to dry
  • Once it dries up, place the object on the painted spot and use masking tape to firmly hold it to the wall.
  • Use a sharp mouthed painting brush to carefully paint around the object to give it a sharp look.
  • Now you can go ahead to do this on the spots you wish to paint a circle.
  • After the paintings have dried up, carefully remove the tapes and the objects.
How to crop a circle

And that’s how to paint a circle on a wall. You can give it a try as you can easily paint over unsatisfactory painting.

Tips to choose the best paint for wall decor art

When choosing the best wall decor for your home, consider getting a suitable paint type for the wall art selected. So the wall to be decorated determines the paint to be used. In my previous publication, I made an article about the best paint for walls, metals, ceilings, and other surfaces. So, if you’ve got wall decor ideas for a bedroom, you’ll be selecting either oil, watercolor, or acrylic paint.

The three paint types all add a unique value and creates cool wall art. In this article, I’ll walk you through the process of choosing the right paint for every home wall decor ideas you have.

Using Oil Paints For Decor

Using oil paint for home wall art adds durability and can easily be modified as it takes a while to dry. Oil-based paint is a thick type of paint that adds a solid hue to metal objects. Therefore, it’s perfect for metal wall art decor and can easily be removed without affecting the wall. However, oil paint is the most expensive type of paint and requires a special means to wash out from a paintbrush.

Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paint is a chemical-based paint thicker than watercolor paints. They are easy to use for art painting and dries quickly. Yes, you can use acrylic paint to decor a wall as it adds additional protection and color retention to wall art decor. Moreover, if there is an error, you can wait for the applied pigment to dry and then paint over it again. Keep the acrylic paint wet so you can use it handily and also for easy removal. Acrylic paint can be used to decor wood, metal, fabrics, canvas, and as well as ceramics.


Watercolors are not always suitable for wall surfaces and tend to be difficult to paint a wall. However, watercolor paint is thin transparent and changes colors as it dries. It is best used to portray art on paper. You can use watercolor paint to decor a wall, preferably after the original sketch. Use it to paint the surface of a wall already painted with another pain type.