There could be some high-quality furniture either in your home you would like to keep for a long time. With time, some of this furniture would lose its quality thereby lessening the beauty it adds to homes. Most times, the major cause of furniture losing is beauty is pets paying around them. So as a homeowner, you should devise means of keeping pets off your weaker bedroom furniture. However, there’s a possibility your wooden table could get scratched or get rough. You can easily repaint it with blue gray paint to restore its glamour.

Repainting your wooden bedroom furniture with a Blue-gray paint will hence give it a new look. The reason is blue-gray color suits lots of other interior paintings. Similarly, gray bedroom furniture can suit all other furniture colors and designs. Moreover, you should look for ways to keep pets and other properties from scratching your furniture. However, here is how to paint furniture to keep it new every day.

How to paint furniture
Living room

Step by step painting to refinishing furniture

Although there are some other paintings’ ideas to refinish old furniture, yet blue gray paint gives it the perfect look. However, before going into repainting your furniture, ensure it’s in good form. Here is a quick tip to maintain furniture before refinishing.

  • Clean the furniture properly.
  • Use sandpaper to smooth rough surfaces.
  • Hammer back the nails that stick out.

After maintenance, it’s time to choose the best paint for wood furniture. Choosing a blue-grey paint color to refinish your furniture would add a new look to your room. Moreover, it won’t require you to go through the stress of removing the old paint from your furniture. So, to get it done here’s step by step painting guide to refinishing your furniture.

dark room with blue grey furniture

How to paint furniture

  1. Ready your painting tools
  2. Ready the furniture to be painted
  3. Use a scraper to remove dirt
  4. Start painting
  5. Dress the edges

Ready your painting tools – provide all the painting tools you will use to paint the wood. Depending on the size of the furniture, the necessary tools include a roller, brush scraper. Although you can as well use a brush in place of a roller, a roller will give it one look and ease the process.

Ready the furniture to be painted – this is the same with maintenance. Put the furniture in proper shape so it enhances the quality of the painting.

Use a scraper to remove dirt – scrape the surfaces to remove the dirt and worn out parts. You might want to consider using a filler to fill holes.

Start painting – use a roller to paint the furniture. If you are using blue gray paint, it’s necessary to give it a second coating to cover any previously painting. Moreover, to achieve a shiny color, allow the first coating to dry completely before starting the second coating.

Dress the edges – use a brush to dress the edges. Although you can use the roller to cover the edges when painting yet, a brush will smooth the edges and fill any left spaces.

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And that’s it, you are done giving your home a new look moreover, new furniture. Use the comment box to share your thoughts.

How to paint cabinets at home

After going through some kitchen cabinet reviews, I discovered some common mistakes when painting the cabinet. Without a doubt, every room is important in the house, so, giving it the best look should be a priority. Cabinets look perfect when decorated with blue-gray paint and with a slight mix with a white stain.

Choosing the best painting for your cabinet could be confusing at times as some colors can easily get stained while some have boring looks. However, some colors fit into every cabinet design, and as well as the interior painting of rooms. For instance, a kitchen cabinet painted with blue-gray color will always look shiny and at the same time, hides stain. However, here is How To Beautify Old Furniture With Paint For A New Look

Home cabinet
Sitting room cabinet

So in this article, I will teach you how to use blue-gray color to design cabinets including wardrobe, kitchen cabinets, living room, and dining room cabinets. So relax while and pause the tv while I walk you through various cabinet refinishing methods for the kitchen, dining room, and others.

Painting a cabinet

Old cabinet – bringing back the beauty of an old cabinet is quite an easy task. All you have to do is; get your cabinet cleaned up, fix any spoilt part, fill any holes with filler, and paint it blue grey all through. For a kitchen cabinet, you might want to paint the handle area black.

Old cabinet
A dumbed cabinet

Kitchen cabinet – painting the kitchen cabinet blue gray is highly recommended as it rarely gets stained. Kids would be touching dirty utensils or after washing plates and go straight to the cabinet to do a thing. In the process, they could have touched the cabinet multiple times, however, if your cabinet is painted with blue gray paint such minor stains will be unnoticed.

Kitchen cabinet
Kitchen cabinet

Sitting room cabinet – choosing the best painting for your sitting room cabinet should depend on the room interior painting and design. Moreover, it’s awful painting your cabinet the same color as the room interior painting. So while refinishing your wooden cabinet choose a color to match your home painting.

Sitting room cabinet
Room cabinet

Dining Room cabinet – the dining room cabinet is one of the most visited in the house. However, you wouldn’t want stains to scattered around your cabinet. Therefore, a blue-gray painting will hide minor stains while looking flashy.

Dining Room cabinet
Dining Room cabinet

Bedroom cabinet – paint your bedroom cabinet to fit your room design. This won’t only improve the look of your room but also save you the unnecessary stress of cleaning the cabinet always. To get the complete look, paint the cabinet interior white when painting the exterior blue-gray color.

How to paint a wooden cabinet

  • Provide all painting tools including a roller, brush, scraper, and filler.
  • choose paint for your cabinet
  • Use the scraper to get rid of the surface worn out pieces.
  • Confirm the cabinet is in good shape, on the contrary, fix it before proceeding.
  • Use a roller to paint the exterior of the cabinet. After the first and second coating, use a brush to paint joints and dress the edges. However, if you repainting the interior of a cabinet, use a brush to paint it all through.